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Canonical quantum gravity and the problem of time
The aim of this paper is to provide a general introduction to the problem of time in quantum gravity. This problem originates in the fundamental conflict between the way the concept of ‘time’ is usedExpand
Lectures On Quantum Theory: Mathematical And Structural Foundations
  • C. Isham
  • Computer Science
  • 1 September 1995
Vector spaces linear operators properties in classical physics the general formalism of quantum theory unitary operators in quantum theory properties in quantum physics problems and answers. Expand
Quantum logic and the histories approach to quantum theory
An extensive analysis is made of the Gell‐Mann and Hartle axioms for a generalized ‘histories’ approach to quantum theory. Emphasis is placed on finding analogs of the lattice structure employed inExpand
A Topos Perspective on the Kochen-Specker Theorem II. Conceptual Aspects and Classical Analogues
In a previous paper, we proposed assigning asthe value of a physical quantity in quantum theory acertain kind of set (a sieve) of quantities that arefunctions of the given quantity. The motivationExpand
Representations of the holonomy algebras of gravity and nonAbelian gauge theories
Holonomy algebras arise naturally in the classical description of Yang-Mills fields and gravity, and it has been suggested, at a heuristic level, that they may also play an important role in aExpand
Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics, Vol 1: Functional Analysis
Michael Reed and Barry Simon New York: Academic Press 1972 pp xvii + 325 price $12.50 This book is the first volume of a set of three. Expand
Spacetime and the Philosophical Challenge of Quantum Gravity
We survey some philosophical aspects of the search for a quantum theory of gravity, emphasising how quantum gravity throws into doubt the treatment of spacetime common to the two `ingredientExpand
Quantum Concepts in Space and Time
Recent developments in quantum theory have focused attention on fundamental questions, in particular on whether it might be necessary to modify quantum mechanics to reconcile quantum gravity andExpand
A topos foundation for theories of physics: II. Daseinisation and the liberation of quantum theory
This paper is the second in a series whose goal is to develop a fundamentally new way of constructing theories of physics. The motivation comes from a desire to address certain deep issues that ariseExpand