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Contrasting patterns of climatic changes during the Holocene across the Italian Peninsula reconstructed from pollen data
Abstract. Lake-level records from Italy suggest that patterns of precipitation in the central Mediterranean during the Holocene were divided between the north and south, but a scarcity of reliableExpand
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The Miocene Basins of Greece (Eastern Mediterranean) from a palaeoclimatic perspective
The Miocene sedimentary sequences of Greece are represented by both continental and marine deposits and present an intense synsedimentary tectonism. The continental sediments predominate mainly inExpand
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Evidence for a warm and humid Mid-Holocene episode in the Aegean and northern Levantine Seas (Greece, NE Mediterranean)
Marine and terrestrial biological and biogeochemical proxies in three sediment cores from North and SE Aegean and northern Levantine Seas record continuous warm and humid conditions between 5.5 andExpand
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Multiproxy ecosystem response of abrupt Holocene climatic changes in the northeastern Mediterranean sedimentary archive and hydrologic regime
Aspects of paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic evolution of the north Aegean Sea through the Holocene are revealed by the study of quantitative variations in planktonic foraminiferal, pteropodal, andExpand
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Holocene peat formation in Southern Peloponnese, Greece : the case of Aghios-Phloros fen
The Aghios-Phloros fen formed during the Holocene on the floodplain sediments of the Pamisos River. Initially (around 7 ka ago) clayey peat and other limnotelmatic sediments accumulated with a meanExpand
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Precipitation changes in the Mediterranean basin during the Holocene from terrestrial and marine pollen records: a model–data comparison
Abstract. Climate evolution of the Mediterranean region during the Holocene exhibits strong spatial and temporal variability, which is notoriously difficult for models to reproduce. We propose here aExpand
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Two fossil conifer species from the Neogene of Alonissos Island (Iliodroma, Greece)
ABSTRACT Alonissos (Iliodroma) Island is really famous to palaeobotanists because of the type locality of Glyptostrobus europaeus (Brongniart) Unger only. Since the first report of the latterExpand
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