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The Interpretation of Ritual: Essays in Honour of A. I. Richards
1. Introduction 2. Raymond Firth Verbal and bodily rituals of greeting and parting 3. Esther Goody 'Greeting', 'begging', and the presentation of respect 4. Aidan Southall Twinship and symbolicExpand
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Youth Cultures & the Fetishization of Violence in Nigeria
In this paper I develop a conceptual framework for analysing youth cultures of resistance and violence in the context of customary and world religions in which old and new gods are important sourcesExpand
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Ethnic ‘nationalities’, God & the state: Whither the federal republic of Nigeria?
There is a continuing contradiction between the state as the corporate representation of Nigerian society and sectional (ethno‐religious) interests struggling to counter perceived margin‐alisation byExpand
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Conflict, complicity & confusion: unravelling empowerment struggles in Nigeria after the Return to 'Democracy'
The national and international press report the recent upsurge of youth-led ethnic violence in Nigeria as if it were new. But Ifeka argues that in view of the catastrophic fall in Nigeria's GDP fromExpand
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Playing civil society tunes: corruption & misunderstanding Nigeria's ‘real’ political institutions
Donors share some of this vision. They believe contemporary wars in Africa, communal violence, poverty and Aids reflect bad governance practices with customary roots, e.g. dictatorships, childExpand
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