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Approaches to and Treatment Strategies for Playing-Related Pain Problems Among Czech Instrumental Music Students: An Epidemiological Study.
The current study examined the severity of playing-related pain (PRP) problems among music students at the Prague State Conservatoire, as well as the various treatment methods used by these studentsExpand
Electrical Brain Responses to an Auditory Illusion and the Impact of Musical Expertise
The presentation of two sinusoidal tones, one to each ear, with a slight frequency mismatch yields an auditory illusion of a beating frequency equal to the frequency difference between the two tones;Expand
Apollo's curse: neurological causes of motor impairments in musicians.
Performing music at a professional level is probably one of the most complex human accomplishments. Extremely fast and complex, temporo-spatially predefined movement patterns have to be learned,Expand
Epidemiology, Treatment Efficacy, and Anxiety Aspects of Music Students Affected by Playing-Related Pain: A Retrospective Evaluation with Follow-up.
OBJECTIVES Playing-related pain (PRP) is a common problem among music students. We retrospectively assessed epidemiological factors that contributed to the manifestation of PRP and evaluated theExpand
Psychological characteristics in musician׳s dystonia: A new diagnostic classification
Numerous studies suggest that dysfunctional basal ganglia-thalamo-cortical circuits are involved in both movement disorders and psychiatric impairments. The current exploratory investigation exploredExpand
Apollo's curse: causes and cures of motor failures in musicians: a proposal for a new classification.
Performing music at a professional level is probably one of the most complex of human accomplishments. Extremely fast and complex temporo-spatially predefined movement patterns have to be learned,Expand
The impact of stress on motor performance in skilled musicians suffering from focal dystonia: Physiological and psychological characteristics
Recent investigations have suggested that stress can modulate motor function. However, the impact of stress on motor performance of musicians suffering from focal dystonia (FDM) remains unknown. TheExpand
Assessment of the effects of Kinesiotaping on musical motor performance in musicians suffering from focal hand dystonia: a pilot study
Objective: The aim of this study was to explore the immediate and short-term effects of a Correction Kinesiotaping intervention on fine motor control in musicians with focal hand dystonia. Design: AExpand
Functional associations at global brain level during perception of an auditory illusion by applying maximal information coefficient
Abstract Maximal information coefficient (MIC) is a recently introduced information-theoretic measure of functional association with a promising potential of application to high dimensional complexExpand
Life satisfaction of musicians with focal dystonia.
BACKGROUND Little is known about the effects of musicians' dystonia (MD) on patients' life satisfaction. AIMS To assess general life satisfaction in patients with MD with regard to their health andExpand