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Anglo-French Seapower and the Declaration of Paris
although both olive Anderson and WE Spencer have written in recent years about the Declaration of Paris of April 1856 and the reform of maritime belligerent rights upon which it set the seal,1 theExpand
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Naval Hagiography and the Victorian Hero
The word hero cannot be defined simply. According to time and speaker, it can imply anything from the bravery of a moment to the courage and statesmanship of a lifetime. We do not enjoy theExpand
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Anglo-French Naval Rivalry, 1840-1870
Anglo-French diplomacy and the transition from sail to screw Anglo-French diplomacy and the transition from the screw-liner to the ironclad - 1854 onwards the militerization of naval warfare in theExpand
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The Childers Admiralty Reforms and the Nineteenth-Century `Revolution' in British Government
It is striking that the large body of secondary material on British government in the last century mostly leaves aside the two great spending departments of the day, the Admiralty and the War Office.Expand
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Book Review: Naval Coalition Warfare: From the Napoleonic War to Operation Iraqi Freedom
returned to active service. Likewise, Daughan finds further links since young lieutenants and midshipmen who served in the war with France remained to defend American commerce against the BarbaryExpand
Three cultures at the Admiralty, c.1800–1945: Naval Staff, the Secretariat and the arrival of scientists
This story of developing expertise at the Admiralty first briefly traces the rise of the Naval Staff from its beginning in 1883 to proper establishment in 1917, and of the civil service SecretariatExpand
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Seamen and Crime at the Cape, c. 1860–1880
"According to his view of the matter, this terraqueous world had been formed in the manner of a tart; the land being a mere marginal crust, within which rolled the watery world proper." Such was theExpand
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