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New Paradigms in the Silicon Industry
  • C. Hwang
  • Engineering
  • International Electron Devices Meeting
  • 1 December 2006
The advances in silicon technology that have been the backbone of tremendous previous growth, was foreseen in 1965 when Gordon Moore published his famous prediction about the constant growth rate ofExpand
Numerical analysis of breakdown voltage using quasi three dimensional device simulation
PISCES-IIB is extended to a quasi-three-dimensional simulator for cylindrical symmetric structures. A self-consistent solution of the Poisson and current-continuity equations using an impactExpand
Highly manufacturable process technology for reliable 256 Mbit and 1 Gbit DRAMs
  • H. Kang, K.H. Kim, +17 authors M.Y. Lee
  • Materials Science
  • Proceedings of IEEE International Electron…
  • 11 December 1994
Ta/sub 2/O/sub 5/ dielectric on poly-Si cylinder capacitors, chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) planarization, pure W bit-line, and Al reflow were integrated into a highly manufacturable DRAMExpand
DRAM technology perspective for gigabit era
Many challenges emerge as the DRAM enters into a generation of the gigabit density era. Most of the challenges come from the shrink technology which scales down minimum feature size by a factor ofExpand
Design and characterization of analog VLSI neural network modules
A systematic method for testing large arrays of analog, digital, or mixed-signal circuit components that constitute VLSI neural networks is described, which consists of a parametric test and a behavioral test to distinguish between faulty and useful chips. Expand
Tungsten silicide/titanium nitride compound gate for submicron CMOSFET
Experimental results are presented for a WSi2/TiN compound-gate MOSFET with a near-midgap work function ranging from 4.63 to 4.75 eV and low resistivity. Sheet resistances of the compound gate andExpand
Micro villus patterning (MVP) technology for 256 Mb DRAM stack cell
Micro villus patterning (MVP) technology which delivers the maximized cell capacitance is discussed. The key feature of the MVP technology is the formation of a hemispherical grain (HSG) archipelagoExpand
Nanotechnology enables a new memory growth model
As we enter the nanotechnology era, a big shift in paradigm comes to the memory industry. The traditional computer industry for dynamic RAM is expected to mature its memory-bit consumption with aExpand
Coupled Monte Carlo-drift diffusion analysis of hot-electron effects in MOSFETs
A general method of calculating the substrate current for n-MOSFETs, using a two-dimensional conventional device simulator coupled with a full-band-structure Monte Carlo simulation, has been enhancedExpand
Semiconductor memories for IT era
  • C. Hwang
  • Engineering
  • IEEE International Solid-State Circuits…
  • 7 August 2002
Information technology (IT) emerged from the 1970s based on main-frame computers. Since then, PCs and the Internet world have drastically expanded the IT industry along with rapid growth of networkExpand