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Producer Gas Composition and NOx Emissions from a Pilot-Scale Biomass Gasification and Combustion System Using Feedstock with Controlled Nitrogen Content
This study is focused on the effects of nitrogen content in biomass feedstock on the producer gas composition and the flue gas NOx emissions from a pilot-scale gasification and combustion system.
Two new Lophoturus species (Diplopoda, Polyxenida, Lophoproctidae) from Queensland, Australia
Examination of live specimens with their body colour visible, together with morphological characters and DNA analysis is the most reliable way of correctly distinguishing between these three species.
Two new species of penicillate millipedes (Diplopoda, Polyxenidae) from Phu Quoc Island in southern Vietnam.
Two new penicillate millipede species from the genera Unixenus and Monographis were collected from Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam's largest island, and the structure of the labrum and telotarsus observed in this new species differs from other described Monographsis.
Phryssonotus novaehollandiae Silvestri, 1923: the sole Australian representative of the millipede Family Synxenidae
Examination of synxenid millipedes from a number of collections confirms that Phryssonotus novaehollandiae is the sole representative of the genus and family in Australia. P. novaehollandiae was
Low-energy LED lighting heat gain distribution in buildings, part II: LED luminaire selection and test results
Lighting heat gains are a significant contributor to space cooling load in buildings and it is important to determine the lighting heat gain distribution—specifically, the fraction of convective and
A technique for examination of diagnostic characters of penicillate millipedes
A simple method for examination of penicillate millipedes is described, using the stain Fast Green to give excellent contrast for dissection and to provide clear visualisation of characters necessary for identification of both freshly collected and museum specimens.
The genus Unixenus Jones, 1944 (Diplopoda, Penicillata, Polyxenida) in Australia
Collection of Penicillata from museums in all states of Australia were examined to provide further details of the two described species, to revise the diagnoses for both the genus and the species, and to better understand the distribution of theTwo species in Australia.