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Infinitesimal bending oscillations and/or responses of thin rotating disks applied to thin disk galaxies, discussing Magellanic Cloud passage near galactic center
Series solutions for polytropes and the isothermal sphere
The Lane–Emden equation for polytropic index and its limit of the isothermal sphere equation are singular at some negative value of the radius squared. This singularity prevents the real power series
Axisymmetric galaxy models with central black holes, with an application to M32
The contour integral method of Hunter & Qian is applied to axisymmetric galaxy models in which the distribution function (DF) is of the form f=f(E,L_z), where E and L_z are the classical integrals of
Two-integral distribution functions for axisymmetric galaxies
We present a new method for finding a distribution function f, which depends only on the two classical. integrals of energy E and angular momentum J about the axis of symmetry, for a stellar system
The axisymmetric flow in a rotating annulus due to a horizontally applied temperature gradient
The axisymmetric flow of fluid, confined within a rapidly rotating annulus and caused by a horizontally applied temperature gradient, is discussed under the assumptions of small thermal Rossby number
The Eigenvalues of Mathieu's Equation and their Branch Points
A comprehensive account is given of the behavior of the eigenvalues of Mathieu's equation as functions of the complex variable q. The convergence of their small-q expansions is limited by an infinite