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The Archetypal Actions of Ritual: A Theory of Ritual Illustrated by the Jain Rite of Worship
Religious rituals can provoke a deeply ambigious reaction in those who practise them. What happens in religious traditions when the nature of the ritual is questioned, but the practice of performing
This contribution arises from my doctoral thesis about the rise of self-organized groups for women, black people, disabled people and lesbians and gay men within trade unions in Britain. My
The End of Nomadism?: Society, State, and the Environment in Inner Asia
Cultures of inner Asia changing pastoral societies and the environment in the 20th century rural institutions kinship, networks and residence settlement and urbanism spatial mobility and Inner Asian
Dilemmas in doing insider research in professional education
This article explores the dilemmas I encountered when researching social work education in England as an insider researcher who was simultaneously employed as an educator in the host institution.
Observing Students' Practice (Through the Looking Glass and Beyond)
The observation of students' practice has been a mandatory component of the assessment of social work students in the UK for 15 years, and its significance has been enhanced by recent regulatory
Marx Went Away--But Karl Stayed Behind
When it appeared in 1983, Caroline Humphrey's "Karl Marx Collective" was the first detailed study of the Soviet collective farm system. Through careful ethnographic work on two collective farms
The Unmaking of Soviet Life: Everyday Economies after Socialism
In order to understand today's Russia and former Soviet republics, it is vital to consider their socialist past. Caroline Humphrey, one of anthropology's most highly regarded thinkers on a number of
L'ideologie ne s'exprime pas seulement par le langage: elle apparait aussi dans les structures materielles. Selon la vision du monde de l'Etat-parti sovietique, l'architecture pouvait avoir un effet
Barter, exchange and value: An anthropological approach
1. Introduction: Barter, exchange and value Caroline Humphrey and Stephen Hugh-Jones 2. Politicised values: the cultural dynamics of peripheral exchange Nicholas Thomas 3. Yesterday's luxuries,