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Unity of superstring dualities
Abstract The effective action for type II string theory compactified on a six-torus is N = 8 supergravity, which is known to have an E7 duality symmetry. We show that this is broken by quantumExpand
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A geometry for non-geometric string backgrounds
  • C. Hull
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • 11 June 2004
A geometric string solution has background fields in overlapping coordinate patches related by diffeomorphisms and gauge transformations, while for a non-geometric background this is generalised toExpand
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Twisted multiplets and new supersymmetric non-linear σ-models☆☆☆★
Abstract A new D = 2 supersymmetric representation, the twisted chiral multiplet, is derived. Describing spins zero and one-half, the twisted multiplet is used to formulate supersymmetric nonlinearExpand
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All supersymmetric solutions of minimal supergravity in five- dimensions
All purely bosonic supersymmetric solutions of minimal supergravity in five dimensions are classified. The solutions preserve either one half or all of the supersymmetry. Explicit examples of newExpand
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Double Field Theory
The zero modes of closed strings on a torus — the torus coordinates plus dual coordinates conjugate to winding number — parameterize a doubled torus. In closed string field theory, the string fieldExpand
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Generalized metric formulation of double field theory
The generalized metric is a T-duality covariant symmetric matrix constructed from the metric and two-form gauge field and arises in generalized geometry. We view it here as a metric on the doubledExpand
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Generalised geometry for M-theory
  • C. Hull
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • 22 January 2007
Generalised geometry studies structures on a d-dimensional manifold with a metric and 2-form gauge field on which there is a natural action of the group SO(d, d). This is generalised to d-dimensionalExpand
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Timelike T-duality, de Sitter space, large N gauge theories and topological field theory
T-Duality on a timelike circle does not interchange IIA and IIB string theories, but takes the IIA theory to a type IIB* theory and the IIB theory to a type IIA* theory. The type II* theories admitExpand
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Doubled geometry and T-folds
The doubled formulation of string theory, which is T-duality covariant and enlarges spacetime with extra coordinates conjugate to winding number, is reformulated and its geometric and topologicalExpand
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Duality and the signature of space-time
Versions of M-theory are found in spacetime signatures (9,2) and (6,5), in addition to the usual M-theory in 10+1 dimensions, and these give rise to type IIA string theories in 10-dimensionalExpand
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