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No association of cytokine gene polymorphisms in Chinese patients with atopic dermatitis
Background.  Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common chronically relapsing skin disease associated with the activation of T‐helper 2 cells. Recent studies have shown that polymorphisms in the genes forExpand
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Psoriasis vulgaris in Chinese individuals is associated with PSORS1C3 and CDSN genes
Background  Besides the HLA‐Cw*0602 allele, the psoriasis susceptibility 1 candidate 3 (PSORS1C3) and corneodesmosin (CDSN) genes are two probable psoriasis susceptibility genes in the PSORS1 locus.Expand
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Cytokine gene polymorphisms in Chinese patients with psoriasis
Background  Previous studies have shown that cytokine gene polymorphisms may confer susceptibility to psoriasis.
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Dietary fat influences Ia antigen expression, cytokines and prostaglandin E2 production of immune cells in autoimmune-prone NZB x NZW F1 mice.
To elucidate further the influences of dietary fat on autoimmune diseases, two groups of NZB/W F1 mice were fed with diets containing 200 g dietary fat/kg and 50 g dietary fat/kg (control)Expand
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Delayed enhanced nitric oxide-mediated coronary vasodilation following brief ischemia and prolonged reperfusion in conscious dogs.
The goal of this study was to determine both the early and delayed effects of a brief (10-minute) coronary artery occlusion (CAO) and prolonged (5-day) reperfusion (CAR) on coronary endothelialExpand
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Enhanced cAMP-induced nitric oxide-dependent coronary dilation during myocardial stunning in conscious pigs.
The goal of the current study was to determine the effects of cAMP-mediated coronary reactivity in conscious pigs with stunned myocardium induced by 1.5 h coronary stenosis (CS) and 12 h coronaryExpand
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Characterization of an axonemal dynein heavy chain expressed early in airway epithelial ciliogenesis.
The most conspicuous evidence of airway epithelial maturation and vitality is the presence of motile cilia. In an effort to generate genetic and antigenic markers of airway maturation, injury, andExpand
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Cytokine gene polymorphisms in bullous pemphigoid in a Chinese population
Background  Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is an autoimmune bullous disease mostly associated with autoantibodies to the hemidesmosomal BP autoantigens BP180 and BP230. High levels of interleukin (IL)‐1β,Expand
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Differential induction and regulation of c-jun, junB, junD and c-fos by human papillomavirus type 11 E5a oncoprotein.
The E5a gene of human papillomavirus type 11 (HPV-11) is a transforming oncogene. In this study, we investigated the mechanism of E5a induced transformation. Our results show that the expression ofExpand
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Effect of ropivacaine on endothelium‐dependent phenylephrine‐induced contraction in guinea pig aorta
Background:  Previous studies have shown that ropivacaine has biphasic vascular effects, causing vasoconstriction at low concentrations and vasorelaxation at high concentrations. This study wasExpand
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