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FinFET-a self-aligned double-gate MOSFET scalable to 20 nm
MOSFETs with gate length down to 17 nm are reported. To suppress the short channel effect, a novel self-aligned double-gate MOSFET, FinFET, is proposed. By using boron-doped Si/sub 0.4/Ge/sub 0.6/ asExpand
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Ferroelectric negative capacitance MOSFET: Capacitance tuning & antiferroelectric operation
A design methodology of ferroelectric (FE) negative capacitance FETs (NCFETs) based on the concept of capacitance matching is presented. A new mode of NCFET operation, called the “antiferroelectricExpand
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Germanium-source tunnel field effect transistors with record high ION/IOFF
Tunnel field effect transistors (TFETs) with record high ION/IOFF ratio (>106) for low-voltage (0.5 V) operation are achieved by using germanium in the source region to achieve a small tunnelExpand
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SOI thermal impedance extraction methodology and its significance for circuit simulation
The buried-oxide in SOI MOSFET inhibits heat dissipation in the Si film and leads to increase in transistor temperature. This paper reports a simple and accurate characterization method for theExpand
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Short-channel effect improved by lateral channel-engineering in deep-submicronmeter MOSFET's
The normal and reverse short-channel effect of LDD MOSFET's with lateral channel-engineering (pocket or halo implant) has been investigated. An analytical model is developed which can predict V/subExpand
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Random telegraph noise of deep-submicrometer MOSFETs
The random telegraph noise exhibited by deep-submicrometer MOSFETs with very small channel area (<or=1 mu m/sup 2/) at room temperature is studied. Analysis of the amplitude of the currentExpand
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Sub-60mV-swing negative-capacitance FinFET without hysteresis
  • Kai-Shin Li, P. Chen, +13 authors C. Hu
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM…
  • 16 February 2015
In this work, we report the first Negative-Capacitance FinFET. ALD Hf042Zr058O2 is added on top of the FinFET's gate stack. The test devices have a floating internal gate that can be electricallyExpand
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The enhancement of gate-induced-drain-leakage (GIDL) current in short-channel SOI MOSFET and its application in measuring lateral bipolar current gain beta
An off-state leakage current unique for short-channel SOI MOSFETs is reported. This off-state leakage is the amplification of gate-induced-drain-leakage current by the lateral bipolar transistor inExpand
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Random telegraph noise in flash memories - model and technology scaling
This paper presents the first statistical model of Vt fluctuation (ΔVt<sub>cell</sub>) in a floating-gate flash memory due to random telegraph noise. It considers current-path percolation, whichExpand
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Feedback FET: A novel transistor exhibiting steep switching behavior at low bias voltages
A novel transistor design which utilizes positive feedback to achieve steep switching behavior is proposed and demonstrated. The feedback (FB) FET exhibits very low subthreshold swing (~2 mV/dec) andExpand
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