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Cycling and retention of nitrogen and phosphorus in wetlands: a theoretical and applied perspective
SUMMARY. 1 This review considers the internal fluxes and transformations of nitrogen and phosphorus in wetland ecosystems. Emphasis is placed on the dynamic nature of nutrient cycling and theExpand
The spatial structure of Antarctic biodiversity
Patterns of environmental spatial structure lie at the heart of the most fundamental and familiar patterns of diversity on Earth. Antarctica contains some of the strongest environmental gradients onExpand
Community structure and pigment organisation of cyanobacteria-dominated microbial mats in Antarctica
Benthic microbial mat communities were sampled from 20 lakes, ponds and streams of the McMurdo Sound region, Antarctica. At least five distinct assemblages could be differentiated by theirExpand
Ice Shelf Microbial Ecosystems in the High Arctic and Implications for Life on Snowball Earth
Abstract The Ward Hunt Ice Shelf (83°N, 74°W) is the largest remaining section of thick (>10 m) landfast sea ice along the northern coastline of Ellesmere Island, Canada. Extensive meltwater lakesExpand
The microenvironmental and photosynthetic characteristics of Antarctic microbial mats were measured in a series of ponds near McMurdo Sound. As elsewhere in Antarctica, these cold‐water benthicExpand
Distribution and biological properties of oceanic water masses around the South Island, New Zealand
Abstract The distribution of phytoplankton and the diversity of environmental conditions for their growth around the South Island, New Zealand, were examined in May 1989 by way of chlorophyll aExpand
Measuring ecosystem response in a rapidly changing environment: the Latitudinal Gradient Project
In the face of climate variability and change, science in Antarctica needs to address increasingly complex questions. Individual small studies are being replaced by multinational andExpand
Lake Chilwa : studies of change in a tropical ecosystem
1. The environmental setting.- 1. Introduction: Perspectives of research at Lake Chilwa.- 2. The physical environment of Lake Chilwa.- 3. The changes in the lake level.- 4. The aquatic environment:Expand
Antarctic stream ecosystems: physiological ecology of a blue-green algal epilithon
SUMMARY. 1. Several dozen summer meltwater streams are located in the McMurdo Sound region (c. 78°S 165°E) of southern Victoria Land. They are characterized by a highly variable flow regime at diel,Expand