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Will, Action and Freedom: Christological Controversies in the Seventh Century
The book explores the theological roots of the issues of freedom, will, and action as they were discussed from the 4th to the 7th century, climaxing in the controversies concerning the will andExpand
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Conclusion: Discerning Changeable and Unchangeable in the Ecclesial “Self”
Since the apostolic times, the church has produced a dizzying variety of reflections on itself and expressed itself in different terms: Gospel narratives and apostolic epistles, poems and treatises,Expand
Interpreting the “Russian World”
Cyril Hovorun explains the origin and nature of the conflict in Ukraine in connection with the notion of the “Russian world.” In support of this idea of Russian hegemonic power, the Russian OrthodoxExpand
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Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages: Symphony and Hierarchy
In the era that followed the New Testament period, many potentialities hidden in the nucleus of the apostolic church unfolded. Many remained in the nucleus and faded out there. The church had quite aExpand
Political Orthodoxies: The Unorthodoxies of the Church Coerced
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Index Of Names, Places, And Subjects
This index presents a list of ancient author names, places and subjects that are mentioned in the book Will, Action and Freedom: Christological Controversies in the Seventh Century. The entries areExpand
Postmodernity: Appreciating Plurality
Transtraditional ecclesiologies address a divided Christianity. Postmodern ecclesiologies try to address the fragmented world. Features of postmodern thinking can be seen in a wide array ofExpand