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Electric dichroism and electric birefringence
Triplex and quadruplex DNA structures studied by electrospray mass spectrometry.
This is the first report of a triplex DNA structure by electrospray mass spectrometry, and the absence of sodium contamination allowed demonstration of the specific inclusion of n - 1 ammonium cations in the quadruplex structures. Expand
The DNA intercalating alkaloid cryptolepine interferes with topoisomerase II and inhibits primarily DNA synthesis in B16 melanoma cells.
Direct evidence is provided that DNA is the primary target of cryptolepine and it is suggested that this alkaloid is a valid candidate for the development of tumor active compounds. Expand
Thermodynamics of cation-induced DNA condensation.
It is shown that the process of DNA condensation becomes spontaneous in the presence of divalent cations in methanol, and in the absence of tri- or tetravalent cationsIn water media. Expand
Physico-chemical study of the complexes of "33258 Hoechst" with DNA and nucleohistone.
D dye molecules appeared to bind to highly fluorescent sites with their long axis oriented at 45 degree to the helix axis as the binding proceeds, less fluorescent sites are cooperatively occupied and the inclination of these ligand molecules becomes closer to that of the base planes. Expand
Binding of Hoechst 33258 to the TAR RNA of HIV-1. Recognition of a pyrimidine bulge-dependent structure.
The identification of a binding site for small molecules in TAR offers promising perspectives for developing drugs that would block the access of TAR RNA to proteins and therefore for the design of anti-HIV agents. Expand
Determination of affinity, stoichiometry and sequence selectivity of minor groove binder complexes with double-stranded oligodeoxynucleotides by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.
It is shown that ESI-MS can quickly give reliable information on the A/T sequence selectivity of a drug: the signal of a complex is directly related to the affinity of the drug for that particular duplex. Expand
Terbium(3+) as a probe of nucleic acids structure. Does it alter the DNA conformation in solution?
The study of alkylated DNA establishes that the accessibility of N-7 guanine to Tb3+ is clearly required for structural alterations in an aggregated state to occur, the latter being a compact structure characteristic of aggregated DNA. Expand
The binding mode of drugs to the TAR RNA of HIV-1 studied by electric linear dichroism.
The ELD data show that the mode of binding of the drugs Hoechst 33258, berenil and DAPI to the TAR RNA is similar to their binding mode in GC-rich regions of DNA and likely involves intercalation into the A-form TARRNA helix. Expand