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Skinfold equations for estimation of body fatness in children and youth.
Prediction de la corpulence chez des enfants et adultes de 8 a 29 ans par 3 approches: densite corporelle, densite corporelle et eau, densite corporelle, eau et mineral osseux. Les effets du groupeExpand
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Fluid and electrolyte balance in elite male football (soccer) players training in a cool environment
There are few data in the published literature on sweat loss and drinking behaviour in athletes training in a cool environment. Sweat loss and fluid intake were measured in 17 first-team members ofExpand
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Applied Physiology of Amateur Wrestling
SummaryThe general physiological profile of the successful wrestler is of one having high anaerobic power (mean range of 6.1 to 7.5 W/kg for arms; mean range of 11.5 to 19.9 W/kg for legs); highExpand
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Voluntary dehydration in runners despite favorable conditions for fluid intake.
This study investigated the relationship between runners' perceptions of fluid needs and drinking behavior under conditions of compensable heat stress (ambient temperature = 20.5 +/- 0.7 degrees C,Expand
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National Athletic Trainers' Association position statement: safe weight loss and maintenance practices in sport and exercise.
OBJECTIVE To present athletic trainers with recommendations for safe weight loss and weight maintenance practices for athletes and active clients and to provide athletes, clients, coaches, andExpand
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American College of Sports Medicine position stand. Weight loss in wrestlers.
Despite a growing body of evidence admonishing the behavior, weight cutting (rapid weight reduction) remains prevalent among wrestlers. Weight cutting has significant adverse consequences that mayExpand
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Nutritional concerns for the child and adolescent competitor.
With exercise for sports competition in children and adolescents, acute nutrient needs will change. Fluid intake to ensure the replacement of water and minerals (electrolytes) lost in sweat isExpand
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Sweat and sodium losses in NCAA football players: a precursor to heat cramps?
This observational study was designed to determine whether football players with a history of heat cramps have elevated fluid and sodium losses during training. During a "two-a-day" training camp,Expand
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Influence of sodium bicarbonate on sprint performance: relationship to dosage.
The purpose of this investigation was to determine the minimum oral dosage of bicarbonate needed to significantly elevate blood bicarbonate and the influence of induced alkalosis on performance inExpand
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Urine specific gravity in exercisers prior to physical training.
Urine specific gravity (USG) is used as an index of hydration status. Many studies have used USG to estimate pre-exercise hydration in athletes. However, very little is known about the pre-exerciseExpand
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