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On Pastness: A Reconsideration of Materiality in Archaeological Object Authenticity
This article argues for a modified constructivist approach to archaeological object authenticity which takes the object's materiality seriously. This is accomplished by defining authenticity not inExpand
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Beyond crusades: how (not) to engage with alternative archaeologies
Abstract Archaeologists have often felt uneasy when encountering alternative (fringe, cult, fantastic, pseudo-) archaeologies. Some have suggested that alternative approaches and their results mustExpand
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Notes on the Life History of a Pot Sherd
This article discusses various life history approaches in archaeology: short life histories study the lives of things in the past (until they end up in the ground), long life histories study theseExpand
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The life‐histories of megaliths in Mecklenburg‐Vorpommern (Germany)
Abstract In many cases, prehistoric monuments had long ‘life‐histories’ after their initial construction. In the form of a monument ‘biography’, this paper traces the lives of megaliths inExpand
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Can less be more? Heritage in the age of terrorism
Abstract Western civilization does not have a particularly good track record of saving cultural heritage from destruction, but in recent centuries it has surrounded itself with a rather firm ideologyExpand
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Towards a Chronology of Megaliths: Understanding Monumental Time and Cultural Memory
AbstractI argue in this paper that monuments such as megaliths can be understood in terms of 'prospective' and 'retrospective memories'. They were originally built as permanent and widely visibleExpand
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A European perspective on indigenous and immigrant archaeologies
Abstract This essay scrutinizes the special status of indigenous archaeologies in contemporary world archaeology. My aim is to contribute to the future development of indigenous archaeologies byExpand
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Some Reflections on Heritage and Archaeology in the Anthropocene
Are we now living in a new geological epoch called the Anthropocene? Geo-scientists discuss whether there is a need for a new concept covering the last 250 years' immense human impact on the earth.Expand
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Landscapes and memories.
All landscapes are ‘historical’, provided that they are now – or were once – altered, inhabited, visited, or interpreted by people. Indeed, the problematic and theoretically flawed use of the termsExpand
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On the Possibility of Time Travel
Holtorf, Cornelius. 2009. On the Possibility of Time Travel. Lund Archaeological Review 15 (2009), pp. 31-41. Time travel can be defined as an experience and social practice in the present thatExpand
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