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Etude par rsonance paramagntique lectronique de la structure du radical 13CCl3
The γ radiolysis of carbon tetrachloride at 77 K results in the formation of free radicals which are stable at 185 K and have been identified as ĊCl3. These radicals trapped in crystallites of CCl4Expand
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Oscillatory Oxidation of Malonic Acid by Bromate
In order to elucidate the reaction scheme of the oscillatory malonic acid-KBrO3system in sulphuric acid the products extracted from the reaction system by ether are analysed by gas chromatography andExpand
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Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of psychoactive drugs in old age.
It can be shown that aged patients need about 2/3 of the dose of younger adult depressive patients to reach a comparable serum level distribution. No difference could be found between younger andExpand
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Etude par résonance paramagnétique électronique de la variation en fonction de la température du couplage hyperfin du radical tert-butyle
Le radical tert-butyle obtenu par irradiation γ a 77°k du chlorure de tertiobutyle peut se presenter sous deux structures differentes. Une forme pyramidale, ayant pour origine les contraintesExpand
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Dadaísmo y surrealismo
Structure of Methylchlorosilyl Radicals
The 29Si coupling constants a have been measured for methylchlorosily radicals in a number of solid matrices. The structure of these radicals deviates more and more from the planar one with theExpand
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