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Large Lakes of the World
Abstract An inventory of the distribution, origin, and morphometry of the world's large lakes has been undertaken. Natural lakes, fresh and salt, with a surface area greater than 500 km 2 areExpand
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The Ecology of the Coastal Marshes of Western Lake Erie: A Community Profile.
Abstract : This profile on the coastal wetlands of western Lake Erie is one of a series of community profiles that deal with marine and freshwater habitats of ecological importance. The estuaries,Expand
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Growth Dynamics of Cladophora Glomerata in Western Lake Erie in Relation to Some Environmental Factors
Cladophora was monitored at two sites in western Lake Erie during 1979 and 1980 as part of a lake-wide Lake Erie Cladophora Surveillance Program. Two distinctive zones within the littoral region wereExpand
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Great Lakes estuaries
ConclusionsAccording to the geomorphology and physiography classification scheme for estuaries proposed by Pritchard (1967) and presented in Kennish (1986), Great Lakes estuaries can be classified asExpand
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Lake Erie Coastal Wetlands: an Overview
Abstract Coastal wetlands of Lake Erie fall into three categories, depending on the type of protection available to the wetland vegetation: (1) coastal lagoons behind barrier beaches, (2) managedExpand
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A Greenland Shark from the Wreck of the SS Central America at 2,200 Meters
Abstract The three-masted, wooden-hulled steamship Central America sank in 1857 during a hurricane 370 km east of Savannah, Georgia. During a recovery project begun in 1988, the unmanned researchExpand
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A Post Audit of a Lake Erie Eutrophication Model
Abstract A post audit of a eutrophication-dissolved oxygen model of Lake Erie is presented. The model had been calibrated using data from 1970 and 1975. Projections were then made for use inExpand
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Distribution of the World’s Large Lakes
An analysis of the world distribution of large lakes has been undertaken. The data base included geographical, geological, morphometric, climatological and limnological information. Only naturalExpand
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Minimum Light Requirements for Substrate Colonization by Cladophora glomerata
Abstract Cladophora glomerata , an attached filamentous green alga that inhabits streams and lakes in North America, can produce large quantities of standing crop in areas of the Laurentian GreatExpand
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Mercury Occurrence in Sediment Cores from Western Lake Erie
Author Institution: Department of Geology, Bowling Green State University, and Center for Lake Erie Area Research, The Ohio State University
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