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Kerr black holes with scalar hair.
We present a family of solutions of Einstein's gravity minimally coupled to a complex, massive scalar field, describing asymptotically flat, spinning black holes with scalar hair and a regular
D3-D7 inflationary model and M theory
A proposal is made for a cosmological D3-D7 model with a constant magnetic flux along the D7 world volume. It describes an $\mathcal{N}=2$ gauge model with Fayet-Iliopoulos terms and the potential of
Spontaneous Scalarization of Charged Black Holes.
Numerical simulations in spherical symmetry show, dynamically, that Reissner-Nordström (RN) BHs evolve into a perturbatively stable scalarized BH, and speculate on a possible dynamical role of these nonspherical scalarization BHS.
Construction and physical properties of Kerr black holes with scalar hair
Kerr black holes with scalar hair are solutions of the Einstein-Klein-Gordon field equations describing regular (on and outside an event horizon), asymptotically flat black holes with scalar hair
Testing general relativity with present and future astrophysical observations
One century after its formulation, Einstein's general relativity (GR) has made remarkable predictions and turned out to be compatible with all experimental tests. Most of these tests probe the theory
Asymptotically flat black holes with scalar hair: a review
We consider the status of black hole (BH) solutions with nontrivial scalar fields but no gauge fields, in four-dimensional asymptotically flat spacetimes, reviewing both classical results and recent
Stationary Metrics and Optical Zermelo-Randers-Finsler Geometry
We consider a triality between the Zermelo navigation problem, the geodesic flow on a Fins- lerian geometry of Randers type, and spacetimes in one dimension higher admitting a timelike conformal
Prospects for fundamental physics with LISA
In this paper, which is of programmatic rather than quantitative nature, we aim to further delineate and sharpen the future potential of the LISA mission in the area of fundamental physics. Given the
The geodesics of the rotating extreme black hole in five spacetime dimensions found by Breckenridge, Myers, Peet and Vafa are Liouville integrable and may be integrated by additively separating the