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Characteristics of Prison Sexual Assault Targets in Male Oklahoma Correctional Facilities
Research on male inmate sexual assault has been quite limited in correctional literature. Even fewer of these studies have focused specifically on the characteristics of sexual assault targets.Expand
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Contextualizing Sex Offender Management Legislation and Policy: Evaluating the Problem of Latent Consequences in Community Notification Laws
Sexual victimization has become one of the most publicized and researched social problems in society. However, potential linkages between the intended and unintended effects of sex offenderExpand
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Exploring the Link between Recurrent Acts of Childhood and Adolescent Animal Cruelty and Subsequent Violent Crime
Studies demonstrating the potential link between childhood and adolescent acts of animal cruelty and later interpersonal violence toward humans remain ambiguous. Unfortunately, most of the researchExpand
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Recurrent Childhood Animal Cruelty
Recent studies have begun to establish an association between childhood acts of animal cruelty and later violence against humans. Even so, research has failed to establish a strong correlationExpand
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Inmate-to-Inmate Sexual Coercion in a Prison for Women
Abstract Inmate-to-inmate sexual coercion remains a relatively unexplored topic within correctional literature, especially concerning female inmates. Using data gathered in March 2000 viaExpand
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Attitudes Toward Homosexuality in a Male and Female Prison: An Exploratory Study
It has been argued that differences exist between male and female inmates' attitudes toward homosexuality. Unfortunately, this statement has never been fully addressed in correctional literature. ToExpand
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The Evolving Nature of Prison Argot and Sexual Hierarchies
Prison argot and sexual hierarchies have consistently been found to be present in U.S. correctional facilities. However, recent years have seen very few studies that focus specifically on argotExpand
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Inmate-to-Inmate Prison Sexuality
For the past 90 years, sociologists, psychologists, and penologists have been studying inmate-to-inmate prison sexuality. These researchers have made great strides in advancing the study of prisonExpand
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Exploring the Dynamics of Masturbation and Consensual Same-Sex Activity within a Male Maximum Security Prison
Research on the topic of masturbation and same-sex sexual activities within male prisons has been sparse in sociological and correctional literature. The purpose of the present study was to examineExpand
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Prison Sex: Practice and Policy
Introduction: Life and Sex in Prison - C. Hensley. Slang and the Prison Sexual Hierarchy - T. Castle, C. Hensley, and R. Tewksbury. Nonconsensual Sexual Behavior - J. Kunselman, R. Tewksbury, R.Expand
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