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Linking diagenetic alteration of amino acids and bulk organic matter reactivity
Examination of amino acids in particulate samples from a variety of marine environments (fresh phytoplankton to deep-sea sediments) revealed systematic compositional changes upon progressiveExpand
Production and consumption of biological particles in temperate tidal estuaries
The proposition that estuaries are heterotrophic systems, and become more so when nutrient inputs are higher, is confirmed, and a general equation relating respiration to production is proposed as log R = 0.081 + 1.02 log P (R and P in gC m(-2) yr(-1)). Expand
Impact of elevated CO2 on shellfish calcification
[1] Ocean acidification resulting from human emissions of carbon dioxide has already lowered and will further lower surface ocean pH. The consequent decrease in calcium carbonate saturationExpand
The fate of intertidal microphytobenthos carbon: An in situ 13C-labeling study
A central role for microphytobenthos in moderating carbon flow in coastal sediments is indicated, and C-13 assimilation increased until day 3, and carbon isotope analysis of polar lipid derived fatty acids specific for bacteria showed rapid, significant transfer from benthic algae to bacteria. Expand
Denitrification in marine sediments: A model study
The rate and factors controlling denitrification in marine sediments have been investigated using a prognostic diagenetic model. The model is forced with observed carbon fluxes, bioturbation andExpand
Essential Biodiversity Variables
With the first plenary meeting of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) soon under way, partners are developing—and seeking consensus around—Essential Biod diversity Variables (EBVs) that could form the basis of monitoring programs worldwide. Expand
Long-term change in dissolved inorganic nutrients in the heterotrophic Scheldt estuary (Belgium, The Netherlands)
We investigated long-term trends (1965‐2002) in dissolved inorganic nutrients in the tidal part of the Scheldt estuary (Belgium, The Netherlands). Annually averaged concentrations of dissolvedExpand
Bioturbation: a fresh look at Darwin's last idea.
From an evolutionary perspective, recent investigations provide evidence that bioturbation had a key role in the evolution of metazoan life at the end of the Precambrian Era. Expand
Indices of diversity and evenness
An overview is given of the different indices used, since their introduction in the 60's, for the determination of diversity in biological samples and communities. The most commonly used indices areExpand