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H2O abundances in the atmospheres of three hot Jupiters
The core accretion theory for giant planet formation predicts enrichment of elemental abundances in planetary envelopes caused by runaway accretion of planetesimals, which is consistent with measured
eleanor: An Open-source Tool for Extracting Light Curves from the TESS Full-frame Images
An open-source tool to produce light curves for objects in the TESS FFIs is created and tests indicate that eleanor produces light curves with significantly less scatter than other tools that have been used in the literature.
Effect of pressure broadening on molecular absorption cross sections in exoplanetary atmospheres
Spectroscopic observations of exoplanets are leading to unprecedented constraints on their atmospheric compositions. However, molecular abundances derived from spectra are degenerate with the
A Warm Jupiter-sized Planet Transiting the Pre-main-sequence Star V1298 Tau
We report the detection of V1298 Tau b, a warm Jupiter-sized planet ($R_P$ = 0.91 $\pm$ 0.05~ $R_\mathrm{Jup}$, $P = 24.1$ days) transiting a young solar analog with an estimated age of 23 million
Discovery of new dipper stars with K2: a window into the inner disc region of T Tauri stars
In recent years, a new class of young stellar object (YSO) has been defined, referred to as dippers, where large transient drops in flux are observed. These dips are too large to be attributed to
Seeing Double: ASASSN-18bt Exhibits a Two-component Rise in the Early-time K2 Light Curve
On 2018 February 4.41, the All-Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN) discovered ASASSN-18bt in the K2 Campaign 16 field. With a redshift of z = 0.01098 and a peak apparent magnitude of B max
Pulling It All Together
In this special review issue, as part of Cell’s anniversary celebration, Cell is excited to present eight themes that it hopes will serve as a prism through which to view emerging trends that bridge the various biological disciplines.
The L 98-59 System: Three Transiting, Terrestrial-size Planets Orbiting a Nearby M Dwarf
We report the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) discovery of three terrestrial-sized planets transiting L 98-59 (TOI-175, TIC 307210830) -- a bright M dwarf at a distance of 10.6 pc. Using
K2 Observations of SN 2018oh Reveal a Two-component Rising Light Curve for a Type Ia Supernova
We present an exquisite 30 minute cadence Kepler (K2) light curve of the Type Ia supernova (SN Ia) 2018oh (ASASSN-18bt), starting weeks before explosion, covering the moment of explosion and the