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A comparison of five methods for assessing veld condition in the natal midlands
Abstract Site rankings obtained from five methods of scoring veld condition in the highland sourveld and the moist tall grassveld of the Natal Midlands were correlated with rankings from methods ofExpand
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The contribution of pastures and veld to the feeding of dairy and beef herds in the natal midlands
Abstract Established pastures in the Natal Midlands provide a very substantial proportion of the roughage requirements of dairy enterprises both in summer and winter. There is some evidence that goodExpand
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The influence of pasture fertilisation on animal health
Abstract The health of animals grazing on pastures is affected by the mineral content of fodder plants. The mineral content of any pasture species may vary within very wide limits and is profoundlyExpand
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Pasture-use patterns on dairy and beef farms in the Natal Midlands.
Pasture sites for each of the species grown are classified for both dryland and irrigated pastures in the Natal Midlands. Only six species viz. Kikuyu , Italian ryegrass, Eragrostis curvula, FestucaExpand
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Use of annual production curves of pasture species in pasture planning
Abstract A method is suggested whereby the annual production curves of pasture species can be used to assist in choosing species best suited to a particular farming enterprise, and to determine theExpand
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Reflections on some aspects of pasture development in Australia and New Zealand
A survey is made of some pasture developments in Australia and New Zealand with particular reference to sod-seeding techniques, lucerne grazing management, aerial oversowing and overdrilling ofExpand
Italian ryegrass as a perennial fodder crop
Abstract Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) may be re‐established from seedfall if the appropriate management practices are applied, and may thus function as a perennial fodder crop. AnnualExpand
Response of eragrostis curvula to differences in the seasonal distribution of nitrogen fertiliser
Abstract The seasonal distribution of nitrogen fertiliser to Eragrostis curvula pastures at two sites in Natal did not exert much influence on forage production when large quantities were appliedExpand
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The role of cultivated pastures in milk production in South Africa
A brief survey of existing methods of milk production by the Republic of South Africa is made, together with an appreciation of the role and importance of established pastures in relation to these.Expand
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Interrelationships between the factors influencing the intake and digestibility of forage by ruminants.
Intake is more important than digestibility as a criterion for animal performance. Digestibility, however, has a controlling influence on intake. High digestibility of feed goes with high intake soExpand