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Steroid Sulfatase Activities in Human Breast Tumors 1
Summary The ability of human breast tumor preparations to hydrolyze DHEA, estrone, and testosterone sulfates was studied. Of the 85 tumor preparations examined, 31 tumors contained an estrogenExpand
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Psychedelic drug flashbacks: subjective reports and biographical data.
Abstract Subjects were psychedelic drug users experiencing recurrence of psychedelic drug effects (i.e. flashbacks) after they ceased taking the drugs and after a period of relative normalcy. TheyExpand
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A hypo-osmotic medium to disaggregate tumor cell clumps into viable and clonogenic single cells for the human tumor stem cell clonogenic assay.
A hypo-osmolar medium and tissue processing technique is described which is useful for disaggregation of residual human tumor cell clumps persisting after mechanical or enzymatic treatment of solidExpand
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Fever in the elderly. Production of leukocytic pyrogen by monocytes from elderly persons.
In an attempt to explain the diminished febrile response of the elderly, we studied the first step in fever generation, that of production of leukocytic pyrogen (LP) by monocytes. Monocytes from 25Expand
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Expression of the neu oncogene under the transcriptional control of the myelin basic protein gene in transgenic mice: Generation of transformed glial cells
We have taken a transgenic approach in an effort to specifically transform oligodendrocytes, the myelinating glial cells of the central nervous system (CNS). Transgenic mice were generated with a DNAExpand
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Usefulness of abrin as a positive control for the human tumor clonogenic assay
SummaryA series of approaches were tested in order to develop a simple technique for introducing a routine positive control into the Human Tumor Clonogenic Assay. Of the various techniques tested,Expand
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Psychedelic drug flashbacks: attentional deficits?
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Morphological and molecular response of the MOCH‐1 oligodendrocyte cell line to serum and interferon‐γ: Possible implications for demyelinating disorders
The regional loss of oligodendrocytes is thought to be an important pathological event in a variety of demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system (CNS). Various components of serum, whichExpand
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Movement coding and memory in retarded children.
Three experiments on the coding and retention of movement-generated information were performed on two groups of mildly retarded children varying in MA. The cue to be reproduced in each case was theExpand
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Laparoscopic ilioinguinal nerve injury
Objective To report a case of laparoscopic ilioinguinal nerve damage due to direct trauma from a secondary trocar placed in the right iliac fossa. Design Case report and literature review. Expand
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