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Why We Hate Politics
* Preface and Acknowledgements * Chapter 1 Political Disenchantment * Chapter 2 Politics, Participation and Politicisation * Chapter 3 The Domestic Sources of Depoliticisation * Chapter 4 The GlobalExpand
Political Analysis: A Critical Introduction
Conclusion the limits of political science and the ethics of political analysis --3 Beyond Structure versus Agency, Context versus Conduct -- What is - and what is not - at stake in the structure-Expand
Narrating Crisis: The Discursive Construction of the `Winter of Discontent'
The winter of discontent continues to exert a powerful hold over the British political imaginary. It acts as a discursive key to a collective mythology seemingly appealed to, and conjured, in eachExpand
Crisis and the Structural Transformation of the State: Interrogating the Process of Change
  • C. Hay
  • Political Science
  • 1 October 1999
‘Crisis' is one of the most underdeveloped concepts in state theory and, indeed, in social and political theory more generally. In this article I suggest one way in which this persistent oversightExpand
Globalization, European integration and the discursive construction of economic imperatives
While studies of globalization proliferate, we remain relatively under-informed about discourses of globalization and associated issues of power and knowledge. These issues come to the fore in theExpand
Common trajectories, variable paces, divergent outcomes? Models of European capitalism under conditions of complex economic interdependence
Globalization is widely held to circumscribe the parameters of political and economic choice in contemporary Europe, just as it has come to circumscribe the parameters of debate on the future ofExpand
Globalisation as a Problem of Political Analysis: Restoring Agents to a 'Process without a Subject' and Politics to a Logic of Economic Compulsion*
Globalisation, in both the popular and academic vernacular, is presented as a non-negotiable external economic constraint, which must simply be accommodated. Consequently, it is a process whoseExpand
The Political Economy of European Welfare Capitalism
A state-of-the-art assessment of welfare provision, policy and reform at national and at EU level which spans the whole of Europe - East, West and Central. Uniquely broad-ranging in scope, andExpand
The Political Economy of New Labour: Labouring Under False Pretences?
Contextualizing novelty - the legacy of Thatcherism, the prospect of globalization Labour's Thatcherite revisionism - the policy review process and "the politics of catch-up" on New Labour's ups andExpand
The Failure of Anglo-liberal Capitalism
The global financial crisis has generated an intense debate in academic, business, journalistic and political circles alike about what went wrong and how to put it right. In this provocativeExpand