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In Vitro Generation of Interleukin 10–producing Regulatory CD4+ T Cells Is Induced by Immunosuppressive Drugs and Inhibited by T Helper Type 1 (Th1)– and Th2-inducing Cytokines
We show that a combination of the immunosuppressive drugs, vitamin D3 and Dexamethasone, induced human and mouse naive CD4+ T cells to differentiate in vitro into regulatory T cells. In contrast toExpand
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Potential role of interleukin-10-secreting regulatory T cells in allergy and asthma
Allergic diseases are caused by aberrant T-helper-2 immune responses in susceptible individuals. Both naturally occurring CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells and inducible populations of antigen-specificExpand
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A mutation in the interferon-gamma-receptor gene and susceptibility to mycobacterial infection.
BACKGROUND Genetic differences in immune responses may affect susceptibility to mycobacterial infection, but no specific genes have been implicated in humans. We studied four children who had anExpand
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Reversing the defective induction of IL-10-secreting regulatory T cells in glucocorticoid-resistant asthma patients.
We previously reported that human CD4+ Tregs secrete high levels of IL-10 when stimulated in the presence of dexamethasone and calcitriol (vitamin D3). We now show that following stimulation byExpand
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Strategies for use of IL‐10 or its antagonists in human disease
Summary: Interleukin‐10 (IL‐10) is a cytokine with broad anti‐inflammatory properties by its suppression of both macrophage and dendritic cell function, including antigen‐presenting cell function andExpand
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Regulatory T cells in asthma.
Asthma is characterized by T helper cell 2 (Th2) type inflammation, leading to airway hyperresponsiveness and tissue remodeling. Th2 cell-driven inflammation is likely to represent an abnormalExpand
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Relationship between serum vitamin D, disease severity, and airway remodeling in children with asthma.
RATIONALE Little is known about vitamin D status and its effect on asthma pathophysiology in children with severe, therapy-resistant asthma (STRA). OBJECTIVES Relationships between serum vitamin D,Expand
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Leflunomide Inhibits Pyrimidine de Novo Synthesis in Mitogen-stimulated T-lymphocytes from Healthy Humans*
The mode of action of Leflunomide, an immunomodulatory drug used in rheumatoid arthritis, is debated. This study, using 14C-labeled de novo purine and pyrimidine synthesis precursors, provesExpand
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Effect of Prenatal Supplementation With Vitamin D on Asthma or Recurrent Wheezing in Offspring by Age 3 Years: The VDAART Randomized Clinical Trial.
IMPORTANCE Asthma and wheezing begin early in life, and prenatal vitamin D deficiency has been variably associated with these disorders in offspring. OBJECTIVE To determine whether prenatal vitaminExpand
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The Impact of Vitamin D on Regulatory T Cells
Epidemiologic studies highlight the increasing prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency and its association with an increased risk of autoimmune diseases and poor respiratory function,Expand
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