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Conceptualizing historical organization studies
The promise of a closer union between organizational and historical research has long been recognized. However, its potential remains unfulfilled: the authenticity of theory development expected byExpand
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Sensemaking, storytelling and the legitimization of elite business careers
This article examines elite business careers through the dual lens of sensemaking and storytelling as recounted in life-history interviews with business leaders. It explores how they make sense of,Expand
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Dominant Corporate Agents and the Power Elite in France and Britain
Corporate elites are not a new phenomenon. However, the ways in which significant agents gain ascendancy to positions of power vary across nations and cultures. This paper analyses the ascension of aExpand
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Leadership and negative capability
Our aim in this article is to explore and explain the concept of 'negative capability', in the context of the current resurgence of interest in organizational leadership. We suggest that negativeExpand
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Business Elites and Corporate Governance in France and the UK
This book is a cross-national study of business elites and corporate governance in France and the UK. It examines corporate governance from a comparative standpoint, and looks beneath the surface,Expand
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Andrew Carnegie and the foundations of contemporary entrepreneurial philanthropy
This paper focuses upon the relationship between the business and philanthropic endeavours of world-making entrepreneurs; asking why, how and to what ends these individuals seek to extend their reachExpand
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Reflexive practice and the making of elite business careers
This article develops a new perspective on reflexive practice in the making of elite business careers. It builds upon Bourdieu’s practice framework to examine how business leaders from elite andExpand
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The Contestation of Archetypes: Negotiating Scripts in a UK Hospital Trust Board
This paper deals with the aftermath of the creation of a new governance structure in the UK National Health Service. We conceptualize this new governance structure as a 'Trust Hospital Archetype' inExpand
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Food for Thought? A Rejoinder on Peer-review and RAE2008 Evidence
This Rejoinder responds to criticisms made by Simon Hussain (2011) about the construction and operation of the Association of Business Schools' (ABS) Academic Journal Quality Guide. In this paper theExpand
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Journal rankings and the ABS Journal Quality Guide
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to provide an outline of the arguments for and against different types of journal ranking lists, and, against this background, an account of the development ofExpand
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