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Importance of Mangroves, Seagrass Beds and the Shallow Coral Reef as a Nursery for Important Coral Reef Fishes, Using a Visual Census Technique
Abstract The nursery function of various biotopes for coral reef fishes was investigated on Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles. Length and abundance of 16 commercially important reef fish species wereExpand
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Eelgrass condition and turbidity in the Dutch Wadden Sea
Abstract Populations of eelgrass ( Zostera marina L.) in the Dutch Wadden Sea have witnessed two major phases of decline this century. The first was the total disappearance of sublittoral beds duringExpand
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The effects of ammonium on growth, accumulation of free amino acids and nutritional status of young phosphorus deficient Stratiotes aloides plants
Abstract Turions of Stratiotes aloides L. were grown at different ammonium levels under phosphorus deficient conditions in a staged gradient. After 13 weeks the plantlets appeared to be severelyExpand
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Comparison of a current eelgrass disease to the wasting disease in the 1930s
Abstract A comparison is made of the wasting disease that struck the whole Atlantic population of Zostera marina L. in the 1930s and a current outbreak of a rather similar disease in Z. marina bedsExpand
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Mechanisms involved in the decline of Stratiotes aloides L. in The Netherlands: sulphate as a key variable
In the last century, Stratiotes aloides L. (Water Soldier) has declined considerably in the Netherlands. The species has disappeared almost completely from the littoral zones of the shallow peatyExpand
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The marine benthic flora of Southern Australia part 1
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Taxonomy and Biogeography of Seagrasses
Seagrasses are aquatic angiosperms, which are confined to the marine environment. The term seagrass (with several linguistic variants in the Germanic language group) refers undoubtedly to theExpand
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