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Oenothera: Contributions of a Plant to Biology
Because of the great variety of problems which this genus presents to biologists, "Oenothera" belongs to the best-known genera of plants not used economically. This book summarizes today's knowledgeExpand
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Different patterns of callose wall formation during megasporogenesis in two species ofOenothera (Onagraceae)
The homozygousOenothera hookeriTorr. etGray shows the typical pattern ofOnagraceae with ± callose on the external walls of megaspore mother cells and tetrads. Megasporogenesis is heteropolar, and theExpand
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Genetics and development of morphological and physiological characters of male sterility in Oenothera
SummaryMale sterility in Oenothera is influenced by two nuclear genes,fr andster. Their function is independent of the plastomes. Development of anthers, fertile and sterile male, was studied byExpand
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[Genetic mosaics in the second generation of Oenothera hookeri after treatment with radiowaves].
  • C. Harte
  • Biology, Medicine
  • TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics…
  • 1 April 1973
Morphological mosaic plants were observed in the second generation after a mutagenic treatment of pollen and plants of Oenothera hookeri. The abnormal parts showed differences in colour or form ofExpand
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Pollen ontogenesis in Oenothera: a comparison of genotypically normal anthers with the male-sterile mutant sterilis
SummaryA 12-stage “normal table” of anther development in Oenothera, is presented. The stages are characterized by developmental steps in the reproductive cells and the tapetum, including waves ofExpand
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Mutagenesis by radiowaves in Antirrhinum majus L.
SUMMARY Pollen of Antirrhinum majus was irradiated with radiowaves (7 = 1.5 m; field strength 1. 5 V/m) in 3 series for 4, 12 and 43 3/4 h, then crossed on styles of emasculated untreated flowers.Expand
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Polarity and competition between megaspores in the ovule ofOenothera hybrids
New data on the development of polarity in the ovules during megasporogenesis and early stages of embryo sac development inOenothera-hybrids are presented. It is confirmed that allOe. hookeri-hybridsExpand
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[On gonal concurrence and crossing over in split hybridizations of Oenothera].
  • C. Harte
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Zeitschrift fur induktive Abstammungs- und…
  • 1953
1. An Folgegenerationen einer Reihe verschiedener Oenothera-Bastarde wurden Untersuchungen uber das crossing-over und die Gonenkonkurrenz in den Samenanlagen und zwischen den PollenschlauchenExpand
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