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Stellar interiors - physical principles, structure, and evolution
Stellar Modeling and Radiative and Conductive Heat Transfer are used to model the structure and evolution of the Sun and White Dwarfs.
An independent method for determining the age of the universe
An age of 9.3 + or - 2.0 Gyr is derived for the Galactic disk on the basis of comparisons between the sudden drop in the observed luminosity distribution and theoretical evolutionary white dwarf
Voyager 2 at Neptune: Imaging Science Results
Voyager 2 images of Neptune reveal a windy planet characterized by bright clouds of methane ice suspended in an exceptionally clear atmosphere above a lower deck of hydrogen sulfide or ammonia ices.
The Cassini Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation
The Cassini Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph (UVIS) is part of the remote sensing payload of the Cassini orbiter spacecraft. UVIS has two spectrographic channels that provide images and spectra
Nonradial oscillations of neutron stars
Linear, adiabatic, Newtonian, nonradial pulsation analyses have been performed for finite-temperature neutron star models with a fluid core, solid crust, and thin surface fluid ocean, including the
A New Look at the Saturn System: The Voyager 2 Images
Within Saturn's rings, the "birth" of a spoke has been observed, and surprising azimuthal and time variability is found in the ringlet structure of the outer B ring, leading to speculations about Saturn's internal structure and about the collisional and thermal history of the rings and satellites.
Seasonal Nitrogen Cycles on Pluto
Abstract A thermal model, developed to predict seasonal nitrogen cycles on Triton, has been modified and applied to Pluto. The model was used to calculate the partitioning of nitrogen between surface
Encounter with saturn: voyager 1 imaging science results.
As Voyager 1 flew through the Saturn system it returned photographs revealing many new and surprising characteristics of this complicated community of bodies, including small inner satellites that interact gravitationally with one another and with the ring particles in ways not observed elsewhere in the solar system.
Asteroseismology of the DOV star PG 1159 - 035 with the Whole Earth Telescope
Results are reported from 264.1 hr of nearly continuous time-series photometry on the pulsating prewhite dwarf star (DPV) PG 1159 - 035. The power spectrum of the data set is completely resolved into
Seasonal activity and morphological changes in martian gullies
Abstract Recent studies of martian dune and non-dune gullies have suggested a seasonal control on present-day gully activity. The timing of current gully activity, especially activity involving the