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Ivan IV’s Professional Infantry, The Harquebusiers (Strel’tsy): A Question of Numbers
ABSTRACT The early modern European Military or Gunpowder Revolution did not exclude Muscovy, although the chronology and extent of its impact on Muscovy varied from Western Europe. This articleExpand
Metropolitan Makarii and Muscovite Court Politics during the Reign of Ivan IV
Metropolitan Makarii headed the Russian Orthodox Church from 1542 to 1563 during the reign of Ivan IV. Most historians agree about his significance for the history of the Church and MuscoviteExpand
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Simeon Bekbulatovich and Mongol Influence on Ivan IV’s Muscovy
Donald Ostrowski’s article “Simeon Bekbulatovich’s Remarkable Career as Tatar Khan, Grand Prince of Rus’, and Monastic Elder” is a masterful summary of the sources and scholarly works which discussExpand
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A Tatar interpretation of the battle of Kulikovo Field, 1380: Rustam Nabiev
Although no contemporary Tatar source presented a Tatar view of the famous battle of Kulikovo Field in 1380 the modern Kazan’ Tatar historian Rustam Nabiev has published a major revisionistExpand
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Gomel´skaia zemlia v kontse XV-pervoi polovine XVI v.:Territorial´nye transformatsii v pogranichnom regione (The Gomel´ Land in the Late 15th and First Half of the 16th Centuries: Territorial
V. N. Temushev, Gomel'skaia zemlia v kontse XV-pervoi polovine XVI v. Territorial "nye transformatsii v pogranichnom regione (The Gomel" Land in the Late 15th and First Half of the 16th Centuries:Expand
Касимовское ханство (1445–1552 гг.): Очерки истории по Б. Р. Рахимзянов (review)
ХХ вв. городских видов одежды, автор отмечает, что “главным тормозом диффузии инноваций оставалось традиционное отношение к костюму” (С. 351), “диффузия инноваций ‘пробуксовывала’ иззаExpand