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Civilising Subjects: Metropole and Colony in the English Imagination 1830-1867
Acknowledgements. List of Maps and Illustrations. Introduction. Prologue: The Making of an Imperial Man. Australia. New Zealand. St.Vincent and Antigua. Jamaica. Part I: Colony and Metropole:.Expand
White, Male and Middle Class: Explorations in Feminism and History
1. Feminist and Feminist History. Part I. The Beginnings. 2. The History of the Housewife. Part II. Gender and Class. 3. The Early Formation of Victorian Domestic Ideology. 4. Gender Divisions andExpand
Democratic Subjects: The Self and the Social in Nineteenth-Century England.
Introduction Part I. The Sorrows of Edwin Waugh: A Study in Working Class Identity: 1. Young Edwin 2. The struggle for the moral life 3. The ends of the moral life 4. The cult of the heart 5. 'GodExpand
Civilising subjects : colony and metropole in the English imagination,1830-1867
How did the English get to be English? In "Civilising Subjects," Catherine Hall argues that the idea of empire was at the heart of mid-nineteenth-century British self-imagining, with peoples such asExpand
Cultures of empire : colonizers in Britain and the empire in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries : a reader
Catherine Hall, Cultures of Empire Introduction: Thinking the postcolonial, thinking the empire, Catherine Hall Part One: Using theory: 1. Joanna de Groot 'Sex' and 'Race': the Construction ofExpand
Of Gender and Empire: Reflections on the Nineteenth Century
© Oxford University Press, 2013. All Rights Reserved. This chapter focuses on the specificities of the British Empire, mapping it as a field of gender relations. Metropolitan discourses claimed powerExpand
Cradle of the Middle Class. The Family in Oneida County, New York, 1790-1865
Preface Introduction: locating domesticity 1. Family, community, and the frontier generation, 1790-1820 2. Family in transition: the revival cycle, 1813-1838 3. The era of association: between familyExpand
The Economy of Intellectual Prestige: Thomas Carlyle, John Stuart Mill, and the Case of Governor Eyre
In October 1865, a riot took place outside the courthouse in Morant Bay, a small town on the south eastern side of the island ofJamaica. Crowds had gathered to protest about a disputed fine; theExpand