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Lagrangian formulation for arbitrary spin. I. The boson case
An explicit form is obtained for the Lagrangian of an arbitrary-spin boson field. This is achieved by introducing auxiliary field variables which are required to vanish in the free-field limit. ForExpand
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Quantum mechanical derivation of the Wallis formula for π
A famous pre-Newtonian formula for π is obtained directly from the variational approach to the spectrum of the hydrogen atom in spaces of arbitrary dimensions greater than one, including the physicalExpand
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A new gauge theory without an elementary photon
Abstract A gauge theory is formulated in two spatial dimensions different from all gauge theories previously known. Unlike quantum electrodynamics in such a space there does not exist an elementaryExpand
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Search for consistent interactions of the Rarita-Schwinger field
Bilinear, nonderivative couplings of the massive Rarita-Schwinger (RS) field are investigated. The most general coupling of this type involves 14 $\mathrm{SL}(2, C)$ irreducible tensors. Eleven ofExpand
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Consistency of the anomalous-magnetic-moment coupling of a vector-meson field
It is shown that when both the electromagnetic field and the vector-meson field are quantized in the presence of an anomalous-magnetic-moment interaction the energy density of the combined system isExpand
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Relativistic Aharonov-Bohm-Coulomb Problem
The ((2+1)-dimensional) Aharonov{endash}Bohm effect is analyzed for a spin-1/2 particle in the case that a 1/{ital r} potential is present. Scalar and vector couplings are each considered. It isExpand
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