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Effect of lipoic acid on cyclophosphamide-induced diabetes and insulitis in non-obese diabetic mice.
Results show that the protective effect of lipoic acid on diabetes development correlates with partial suppression of islet inflammation, and this action may be due to its ability to scavenge oxygen radicals and to suppress nitric oxide production. Expand
Azelastine, a new antiallergic/antiasthmatic agent, inhibits PAF-acether-induced platelet aggregation, paw edema and bronchoconstriction.
Results show that azelastine is endowed with a peculiar anti-PAF-acether action, which may be advantageous in its therapeutic use, in the treatment of asthma. Expand
Effects of mellitic acid (MA) and sodium fluoride (NaF) on the histological appearance of murine fetal tibiae cultured in vitro.
The histomorphological investigations showed that the murine tibiae, incubated for a period of 6 days in a medium with addition of 5 mmol mellitic acid, showed both a significant reduction of calcium deposits and an increase of epiphyseal intercellular cartilage matrix. Expand
A new model for inflammatory colonic disease induced by capsaicin in rats
The present experiments were carried out in 48 hours fasted male Sprague-Dawley rats (150-200g, WIGA, FRG) which received 24 hours prior to capsaicin-exposure 4 ml of purified parafine oil (DAB 8) byExpand
[Study on histological and histochemical appearance of fetal mouse tibiae cultured in vitro in comparison with freshly excised tibiae (author's transl)].
A comparison of tibiae explants excised on the 17th day of gestation and cultured for 6 days in vitro with freshly excised tibia explants of the same age indicates a continuous growth of the explants in vitro without any signs of degenerative processes which could be due to the culture conditions. Expand
[Histochemical aspects in carrageenan induced inflammation].
Iron, which is found in the phagocytes of the connective tissue, in the acute stage of inflammation may not only be a consequence of the desintegration of erythrocytes, its appearance could be interpreted as support of the hypothesis of its antitoxic function. Expand
Effects of flufenamic acid, dexamethasone, and SP 54 (a pentosanpolysulphate) on the histological appearance of murine embryonic tibia explants cultured in vitro.
The histological investigation of cultured, embryonic tibia explants of NMRI-mice showed that incubation concentrations of Flufenamic acid, SP54, and Dexamethasone predominantly induced resorptive and degenerative processes, in different degrees, affecting cartilage and bone matrix. Expand
Anti-diabetic pharmaceutical and method for production of the same
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a synergistic medicinal composition having an antidiabetes action, antianalgetic action, antiphlogistic action, antitumor action, antinecrosis action, nerve protectionExpand