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Inferences about orthopteroid phylogeny and molecular evolution from small subunit nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences
We determined DNA sequences of SSU rRNA genes in twenty‐nine polyneopteran insect species and aligned these with homologues from eight other insects. In a phylogenetic analysis we recovered theExpand
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Combined molecular phylogenetic analysis of the Orthoptera (Arthropoda, Insecta) and implications for their higher systematics.
A phylogenetic analysis of mitochondrial and nuclear rDNA sequences from species of all the superfamilies of the insect order Orthoptera (grasshoppers, crickets, and relatives) confirmed thatExpand
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The phylogeny of the Caelifera (Insecta, Orthoptera) as deduced from mtrRNA gene sequences.
Fragments of both mitochondrial ribosomal RNA genes of 32 caeliferan taxa (representing six of the seven superfamilies) and six outgroup Orthopteroids were sequenced. The combined alignment lengthExpand
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The effectiveness of mitochondrial rRNA gene sequences for the reconstruction of the phylogeny of an insect order (Orthoptera).
We investigated the value of mitochondrial rRNA sequences for analyzing pre-Cainozoic divergence events in insects. Using small subunit and large subunit rRNA sequences from 38 orthopteroid species,Expand
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Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the Pneumoroidea (Orthoptera, Caelifera): molecular data resolve morphological character conflicts in the basal acridomorpha.
A key transition in the evolution of the insect suborder Caelifera (Orthoptera; Insecta) was from predominantly non-angiosperm-feeding basal lineages to the modern acridomorph fauna (grasshoppers andExpand
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An Interview with Judge Michael G. Bagneris
BAGNERIS: This is the Civil District Court of Orleans Parish. Civil jurisdiction gives the judge jurisdiction over all matters that are non-criminal. There’s a criminal district court that handlesExpand
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An Interview With Olive Senior
SENIOR: I didn't grow up influenced by what I suppose you would call "the arts." I was born and grew up in rural Jamaica and my early childhood was far removed in space and time from any substantiveExpand
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Above the Wind: An Interview with Audre Lorde
LORDE: Being a poet here is a very different experience from being a poet on the mainland, but poets become part of any community out of which they operate, because poetry grows out of the poetExpand
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An Interview with Lois Mailou Jones
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