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Information Technologies and Business Value: An Analytic and Empirical Investigation
This paper proposes and test a new process-oriented methodology for ex post measurement to audit IT impacts on a strategic business unit SBU or profit center's performance and shows significant positive impacts of IT at the intermediate level.
Management information systems
Professor Kriebel emphasized the popularity of the MIS topic, as well as the variety of opinions about its usefulness, and avoided members of the academic community in favor of professionals from the business world.
An Empirical Analysis of Productivity and Quality in Software Products
We examine the relationship between life-cycle productivity and conformance quality in software products. The effects of product size, personnel capability, software process, usage of tools, and
Asymmetric Information, Incentives and Intrafirm Resource Allocation
This paper considers the question: How should a firm allocate a resource among divisions when the productivity of the resource in each division is known only to the division manager? Obviously if the
The growth of interorganizational systems in the presence of network externalities
We develop a model of network growth in the presence of network externalities for the case where a buyer initiates an interorganizational system with its suppliers. In our two-stage model, suppliers
Systems Design, Process Performance, and Economic Outcomes in International Banking
A process performance model of how system characteristics enhance process output and quality and an economic performance model linking process performance to the economic performance of the firm are developed and applied to global trade services in international banking.
An Economic Analysis of Strategic Information Technology Investments
The strategic impacts of IT investment are studied through the development of a formal economic model on IT-related quality competition in a duopoly, where the services may not be priced initially and the benefits may come indirectly.
A Decision Model for Software Maintenance
A stochastic decision model for the maintenance of information systems is developed and an optimal decision rule for software systems maintenance is derived, and sensitivity analysis of the optimal policy is presented.
Modeling and Measuring the Business Value of Information Technology
Determining the 'business value' of information technology (IT) requires managersto choose performance measures which are well-suited to capturing the economic impacts of theapplication they are