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The chemistry of neolithic beeswax
(1868) 2. Keilin, D., Wang, Y. L.: Biochem. J. 40, 855 (1946) 3. Hungerford, H. B.: Can. Ent. 54, 262 (1922) 4. Haviland-Brindley, M. D.: Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond. Part I, 5 (1928) 5. Antoine, M.,Expand
[Human helminthiasis at the Gauls].
In the ground, extracted between the wings of ilium of an adult skeleton, with an appropriated technical, it was possible to find eggs of Trichuris trichiura and a lot of eggs of Ascaris lumbrocoides and the human manure was used very probably in the gaul gardens. Expand
The Patrimony Atlas of Seine-Saint-Denis
The Patrimony Atlas of Seine-Saint-Denis (north of Paris) is an information tool related to the archaeological, architectural and landscape patrimony of Seine-Saint-Denis, accessible on the InternetExpand