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Impact of Stochastic Mismatch on Measured SRAM Performance of FinFETs with Resist/Spacer-Defined Fins: Role of Line-Edge-Roughness
Spacer-defined fin-patterning results in double/quadruple fin density and hence is attractive for high performance 32-nm CMOS applications. For the first time 55-nm gate-length FinFET SRAMs withExpand
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Impact of fin width on digital and analog performances of n-FinFETs
Abstract This paper examines the impact of an important geometrical parameter of FinFET devices, namely the fin width. From static and low-frequency measurements on n-FinFETs ( I – V , C – V and 1/ fExpand
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Impact of line width roughness on the matching performances of next-generation devices
It is now widely accepted that line width roughness (LWR) reduces transistor performances and is a critical factor, along side gate leakage and short-channel effects, for device scaling at the 45 nmExpand
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Long dephasing time and high-temperature conductance fluctuations in an open InGaAs quantum dot
We measure the electron phase-coherence time tau(phi) up to 18 K using universal fluctuations in the low-temperature magnetoconductance of an open InGaAs quantum dot. The temperature dependence ofExpand
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Stochastic Matching Properties of FinFETs
For the first time, an experimental assessment of the intradie mismatch properties of a FinFET technology is presented. By applying the analysis to different combinations of gate stack materials, itExpand
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Suitability of FinFET technology for low-power mixed-signal applications
Wireless applications require a low power technology that enables digital/analog/RF functions on the same chip. FinFET technology presents a competitive alternative to planar CMOS as it features goodExpand
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Impact of line width roughness on device performance
Although various approaches can be used to quantify linewidth roughness (LWR), it is essential to determine it with sufficient confidence. Statistical fluctuations inherent to the measurement processExpand
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Dwell-time-limited coherence in open quantum dots.
We present measurements of the electron phase coherence time tau(varphi) on a wide range of open ballistic quantum dots (QDs) made from InGaAs heterostructures. The observed saturation of tau(varphi)Expand
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Unified model of fractal conductance fluctuations for diffusive and ballistic semiconductor devices
We present an experimental comparison of magnetoconductance fluctuations measured in the ballistic, quasiballistic, and diffusive scattering regimes of semiconductor devices. In contradiction toExpand
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Analog design challenges and trade-offs using emerging materials and devices
Analog device figures-of-merit change significantly with the introduction of advanced materials and devices such as high-k or Multiple-Gate FETs. Measurements show enhanced intrinsic gain andExpand
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