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Mechanical properties of maize stalk as related to harvesting
Abstract Experiments were carried out to determine the optimum values of bevel angle, knife approach angle, shear angle and knife velocity for cutting maize stalks. The effects of cross-sectionalExpand
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Performance of an oscillating subsoiler in breaking a hardpan
Abstract A single shank tractor mounted oscillating subsoiler was developed to break hardpan, common in sugarcane ( Saccharum officinarum ) farms especially after harvest when heavy trucks transportExpand
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The pressure and temperature dependence of burning velocity in a spherical combustion bomb
Various correlations showing the dependence of laminar burning velocity on pressure, temperature and mixture composition are presented. An equation for predicting the laminar burning velocity ofExpand
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Heat transfer during forced convection condensation inside horizontal tube
Abstract This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation on heat transfer behaviour during forced convection condensation inside a horizontal tube for wavy, semi-annular and annularExpand
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Design and development of a direct paddy seeder
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A void fraction model for annular two-phase flow
Abstract An analytical model has been developed for predicting void fraction in two-phase annular flow. In the analysis, the Lockhart-Martinelli method has been used to calculate two-phase frictionalExpand
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Design of the Revolving Knife-type Sugarcane Basecutter
In areas where sugarcane is harvested manually, a simple, efficient, and less complicated mechanical aid is desirable. The objective of this research was to determine the operating characteristics ofExpand
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Dynamic Behavior of Saturated Soil Under Impact Loading
The dynamic behavior of saturated soil under impact compression and shear can be expressed by the general equation Œ. = (s-sy)n/h where Œ. , s, sy, h, and n are strain rate, stress, yield stress, andExpand
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