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Exosome and Exosomal MicroRNA: Trafficking, Sorting, and Function
  • J. Zhang, Sha Li, +4 authors S. Mi
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Genom. Proteom. Bioinform.
  • 1 February 2015
Exosomes are 40–100 nm nano-sized vesicles that are released from many cell types into the extracellular space. Such vesicles are widely distributed in various body fluids. Recently, mRNAs andExpand
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Synaptotagmin-7 is a key factor for bipolar-like behavioral abnormalities in mice
Significance The key molecular mechanisms underlying the etiology of bipolar disorder (BD) have remained enigmatic. As BD patients often show comorbidity with insulin/glucose metabolic syndrome, weExpand
RBUD: A New Functional Potential Analysis Approach for Whole Microbial Genome Shotgun Sequencing.
Whole metagenome shotgun sequencing is a powerful approach to detect the functional potential of microbial communities. Currently, the read-based metagenomics profiling for established databaseExpand
Early Different Downstream Target of Glucocorticoid Receptor Contributing to Glucocorticoids Sensitivity in Kasumi-1 Cells
The t(8;21) chromosome translocation frequently occurs in acute myeloid leukemia (AML), resulting in an in-frame fusion between the DNA-binding domain of AML1 and almost the entire of ETO gene. TheExpand
Tumor-derived circulating exosomal miR-342-5p and miR-574-5p as promising diagnostic biomarkers for early-stage Lung Adenocarcinoma
Lung cancer has been the leading cause of cancer morbidity and mortality in recent years. Most lung cancers are often asymptomatic until advanced or metastatic stage. Therefore, looking for theExpand