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Non-invasive monitoring of therapeutic carbon ion beams in a homogeneous phantom by tracking of secondary ions.
The presented investigations demonstrate experimentally that the non-invasive measurement and analysis of secondary ion distributions around head-sized homogeneous objects provide information on the actual beam delivery and beam range, width and position could be monitored with a precision attractive for therapeutic situations. Expand
Response of the pixel detector Timepix to heavy ions
Abstract The response of the pixel detector Timepix to ions in the 4–110 MeV kinetic energy range and A =3–136 mass range has been studied at the fission-fragment separator Lohengrin of the InstituteExpand
Phase contrast enhanced high resolution X-ray imaging and tomography of soft tissue
A tabletop system for digital high resolution and high sensitivity X-ray micro-radiography has been developed for small-animal and soft-tissue imaging. The system is based on a micro-focus X-ray tubeExpand
Resolving power of pixel detector Timepix for wide-range electron, proton and ion detection
Abstract The resolving power of the Timepix detector for wide-range charged particle detection has been examined and evaluated in defined radiation fields. The goal is to broadly characterizeExpand
Imaging with secondary radiation in hadron therapy beams with the 3D sensitive voxel detector
In this work we present the technique enabling visualization of the field of scattered and secondary ions generated by primary beam. The technique uses a small 3D sensitive voxel detector composed ofExpand
Neutron imaging and tomography with Medipix2 and dental micro-roentgenography
The position-sensitive semiconductor Medipix2 detector has been adapted for high-resolution dental X-ray and neutron imaging. As a fully electronic, low-dose and high spatial resolution digitalExpand
Neutrons and their Detection with Silicon Diodes
In this lecture we review the basic principles and properties of neutrons as probes for fundamental and applied research studies. We outline the nuclear reactions used for neutron sources and neutronExpand
The SATRAM Timepix spacecraft payload in open space on board the Proba-V satellite for wide range radiation monitoring in LEO orbit
The Space Application of Timepix based Radiation Monitor (SATRAM) is a spacecraft platform radiation monitor on board the Proba-V satellite launched in an 820 km altitude low Earth orbit in 2013. TheExpand
Radiation detector based on 4H-SiC used for thermal neutron detection
In this work we have focused on detection of thermal neutrons generated by 239Pu–Be isotopic neutron source. A high quality liquid phase epitaxial layer of 4H-SiC was used as a detection region. TheExpand
Detection of ternary and quaternary fission fragments from 252 Cf with a position-sensitive ΔE-E telescope based on silicon detectors
The silicon based pixel detector Timepix is a multi-parameter detector which gives simultaneously information about position, energy and arrival time of a particle hitting the detector. Applying theExpand