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Sulfide mineralogy and chalcophile and siderophile element abundances in the Ivrea-Verbano mantle peridotites (Western Italian Alps)
Abstract Sulfide mineralogy as well as chalcophile and siderophile element geochemistry have been investigated in samples of the peridotite massifs of Baldissero, Balmuccia and Finero (WesternExpand
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Comprehensive determination of trace elements in human saliva by ETA-AAS
A method is described for the comprehensive determination of a series of trace and ultratrace elements (Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Sr, Cr, Al and Si) in human saliva by atomic absorption spectrometry withExpand
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Chemical evolution of high-grade metamorphic rocks — Anatexis and remotion of material from granulite terrains
Abstract The geochemistry of acid, sub-acid metamorphic rocks of sedimentary origin from a sequence of increasing metamorphism of the Western Italian Alps has been studied. Analysis of bulkExpand
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Radon and helium anomalies in mud volcanoes from northern Apennines (Italy)-a tool for earthquake prediction
Rn-222 and total helium contained in saline waters and associated gaseous fluids from a series of mud volcanoes occurring along the northeastern border of the Apennine chain (northern Italy) haveExpand
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Groundwater processes in a complex landslide, northern Apennines, Italy
Abstract. The hydrogeological characteristics of roto-translational slides in flysch are complex, due to the inherent anisotropy and heterogeneity of rock masses and related deposits. The paper dealsExpand
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Radon distribution in groundwater of the Po sedimentary basin (Italy)
Abstract 222 Rn in groundwaters from some areas of the Po sedimentary basin characterized by different hydrological conditions has been determined by alpha-ray activity. Aquifers of three differentExpand
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Geochemistry and genesis of sulphide-anhydrite-bearing Archean carbonate rocks from Bahia (Brazil)
Abstract Archean carbonate rocks hosting sulphide-sulphate (anhydrite) phases are found in association with high-grade metamorphic rocks in the Caraiba Complex (central Bahia State, Brazil). TheExpand
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Comprehensive Analysis of Precious Metals in some Geological Standards by Flameless A.A. Spectroscopy
Precious metals (Ag, Au, Pt, Pd, Rh) were determined by flameless absorption atomic spectrornetry. Aqua regia sample decomposition followed by Te coprecipitation was employed to preconcentrate theExpand
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Geochemistry of carbonate rocks and ferruginous horizons in the verrucano in southern Tuscany — paleoenvironmental and paleogeographic implications
Abstract Mineralogy and chemistry of carbonate rocks and of ferruginous shales and ironstones contained in the Permo(?)-Triassic continental sedimentary sequence from southern Tuscany (Italy) supportExpand
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Identification of ancient white marbles in Rome. I: the Arch of Titus
Within a research program including the identification of the white marbles from the most important monuments of ancient Rome, a first investigation was carried out on the Arch of Titus. This archExpand
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