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Glucoamylase::green fluorescent protein fusions to monitor protein secretion in Aspergillus niger.
The results indicate that the GLA::sGFP fusion constructs can be used as convenient fluorescent markers to study the dynamics of protein secretion in vivo and as a tool in the isolation of mutants in the general secretory pathway.
The Aspergillus fumigatus cellobiohydrolase B (cbhB) promoter is tightly regulated and can be exploited for controlled protein expression and RNAi.
The utility of the Aspergillus fumigatus cellobiohydrolase cbhB promoter for controlled gene expression has been investigated and it is found that it is tightly controlled and can be exploited for the study of A. fumigsatus.
Combined use of growth rate correlated and growth rate independent promoters for recombinant glucoamylase production in Fusarium venenatum.
The double transformant still produced as much glucoamylase as JeRS 325 in fed-batch cultures, illustrating the potential for the combined use of growth rate independent and dependent promoters to improve production of recombinant proteins infed-batch culture systems.