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Baseline assessment of prevalence and geographical distribution of HPV types in Chile using self-collected vaginal samples
BackgroundChile has broad variations in weather, economics and population from the far desert north (Region 1) to the cold, icy south (Region 12). A home-based self-collected vaginal sampling wasExpand
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Immunolocalization of V1 vasopressin receptors in the rat kidney using anti-receptor antibodies.
By using immunocytochemical techniques we have been able to localize the V1 vasopressin receptor in the rat kidney. Immunoblotting using an antiserum raised against an affinity-purified vasopressinExpand
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Regulatory effects of 5β-reduced steroids
The first section of this publication summarizes early work according to which 5β-pregnanedione is an important metabolite of progesterone in the early stages of the chick embryo's adrenalExpand
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Microplastic ingestion cause intestinal lesions in the intertidal fish Girella laevifrons.
We exposed juvenile intertidal fish to different amounts of Poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) microplastics in their diet. We fed ten individuals with pellets containing 0.01 g, another ten fish withExpand
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Epithelial Cell Culture from Human Adenoids: A Functional Study Model for Ciliated and Secretory Cells
Background. Mucociliary transport (MCT) is a defense mechanism of the airway. To study the underlying mechanisms of MCT, we have both developed an experimental model of cultures, from human adenoidExpand
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Vasopressin and bradykinin receptors in the kidney: implications for tubular function.
Vasopressin and bradykinin are two of the most important peptides in regulating vascular tone, water, and ionic balance in the body, and thus they play a key role in controlling blood pressure. InExpand
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Identification and Purification of the Vasopressin Receptor from Rat Liver Membranes a
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Structure of Neurosecretory Granules and the Chemistry of Exocytosis a
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Modulation of the affinity of the vasopressin receptor by magnesium ions.
The binding of [3H]vasopressin (AVP) and the 125I-labelled vasopressin antagonist (VP-AT) d(CH2)5[Tyr2(Me),Tyr9(NH2)]AVP to rat liver membranes was examined with or without the addition of milimolarExpand
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Knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding hantavirus disease and acceptance of a vaccine trial in rural communities of southern Chile
ABSTRACT Andes hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome, transmitted by Oligoryzomys longicaudatus, has no approved treatment, a case fatality rate of 35%, and documented person-to-person transmission. AnExpand
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