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Does resident involvement effect surgical times and complication rates during laparoscopic appendectomy for uncomplicated appendicitis? An analysis of 16,849 cases from the ACS-NSQIP.
Regardless of the postgraduate year level, resident involvement resulted in a clinically appreciable increase in surgical times and a statistically significant increase in certain complications. Expand
Hemoperfusion for methotrexate removal
Amberlite XAD‐4 transiently reduces plasma methotrexate concentration in a patient with metastatic breast carcinoma and in vitro and uncoated charcoal hemoperfusion is more effective than Xad‐4 in removing methotreysate, while as a consequence of the multicompartmental pharmacokinetics of metHotrexate a postperfusion rebound in plasma meethotrexates concentration is to be expected. Expand
In vivo kinetics of magnetically targeted low-dose doxorubicin.
Magnetic targeting of particulate drug carriers to localized disease sites is suggested as an efficient method of obtaining high local drug concentrations and may reduce many unwanted side effects from unrestricted systemic circulation. Expand
True benefit or selection bias: an analysis of laparoscopic versus open splenectomy from the ACS-NSQIP
After adjusting for available confounders, patients who underwent LS had lower morbidity and similar mortality rates and the data suggest that patient outcomes after LS are excellent and when technically possible a minimally invasive technique should be the preferred approach for splenectomy. Expand
Trace‐Level Determination of Cs+ Using Membrane‐Based Ion‐Selective Electrodes
A membrane-based ion-selective electrode (ISE) has been developed for the trace-level determination of Cs þ in aqueous samples. A systematic evaluation of several ionophores was performed, examiningExpand
Cs+ -selective membrane electrodes based on ethylene glycol-functionalized polymeric microspheres.
A new strategy for improving the robustness of membrane-based ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) is introduced based on the incorporation of microsphere-immobilized ionophores into plasticized polymer membranes, which demonstrated superior selectivity over Li(+, Na(+), and alkaline earth metal ion interferents when compared to analogous membranes. Expand
Volume, specialty background, practice pattern, and outcomes in endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: an analysis of the national inpatient sample
Gastroenterologists demonstrate favorable gross outcomes compared to surgeons performing ERCP, and this type of analysis may help inform discussions on optimal training and proficiency paradigms, including maintenance of proficiency, for therapeutic endoscopic procedures. Expand
Potentiometric Response Characteristics of Membrane-Based Cs+-Selective Electrodes Containing Ionophore-Functionalized Polymeric Microspheres
Cs+-selective solvent polymeric membrane-based ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) were developed by doping ethylene glycol-functionalized cross-linked polystyrene microspheres (P-EG) into a plasticizedExpand