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Pneumococcal pericarditis since 1980.
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A unique strategy of host colony exploitation in a parasitic ant: workers of Polyrhachis lama rear their brood in neighbouring host nests
The formicine ant Polyrhachis lama is a social parasite, exploiting its ponerine host ant species Diacamma sp. In most social parasitic associations, the parasitic species are closely related toExpand
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Polyrhachis loweryi (Formicinae): A guest ant parasitizing Rhytidoponera sp. (Ponerinae) in Queensland, Australia
Summary. At the type locality near Miles in Queensland, Australia a queenright colony of Polyrhachis loweryi was found (1 dealate queen, 91 workers, males and brood) within a colony of RhytidoponeraExpand
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Leandro Soriano Marcolino Advisor : Hitoshi Matsubara Multi-Agent Monte Carlo Go
Go is a strategic board game that is considered one of the greatest challenges for Arti cial Intelligence. Many algorithms have been proposed, trying to tackle this problem, but generally all of themExpand