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Japan's Modern Myths
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Following difficulties with heat–to–heat variation in weld penetration enountered during GTA welding of stainless steel tubing, a program was undertaken to identify the cause of the problem and toExpand
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Japan's modern myths : ideology in the late Meiji period
Ideology played a momentous role in modern Japanese history. Not only did the elite of imperial Japan (1890-1945) work hard to influence the people to "yield as the grasses before the wind," butExpand
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Words in Motion: Toward a Global Lexicon
On the premise that words have the power to make worlds, each essay in this book follows a word as it travels around the globe and across time. Scholars from five disciplines address thirteenExpand
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The People in History: Recent Trends in Japanese Historiography
In the 1960s a group of Japanese historians responded to the contemporary bureaucratic superstate by embarking on a search for a popular past. They began to reexamine Japan's modern experience fromExpand
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The End of Elsewhere: Writing Modernity Now
LET ME CONFESS MY BIASES at the start: In my view, modernity is not a trope, theory, project, or destination, or if it sometimes seems to be all these things, it is never these things alone. It isExpand
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Showa: The Japan of Hirohito
This "stimulating and comprehensive" (Kirkus Reviews) collection of original essays on twentieth-century Japan's history and culture provides a unique mix of American and Japanese perspectives onExpand
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The Global Imperative: An Interpretive History Of The Spread Of Humankind
From the Publisher: Robert Clark delves into 100 millennia of human history to create a unified and consistent explanation for humankind's need to spread itself across the globe. Examining eventsExpand
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