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Reconstitution of the base excision repair pathway for 7,8-dihydro-8-oxoguanine with purified human proteins.
It is shown that efficient and complete repair requires only hOGG1, the AP endonuclease HAP1, DNA polymerase (Pol) beta and DNA ligase I. Expand
PARP-1 Modulates Amyloid Beta Peptide-Induced Neuronal Damage
Overall data support the hypothesis of PARP-1 involvment in cellular responses induced by Aβ and hence a possible rationale for the implication of PARp-1 in neurodegeneration is discussed. Expand
Indolylarylsulfones bearing natural and unnatural amino acids. Discovery of potent inhibitors of HIV-1 non-nucleoside wild type and resistant mutant strains reverse transcriptase and coxsackie B4
New potent indolylarylsulfone HIV-1 NNRTIs were obtained by coupling natural and unnatural amino acids to the 2-carboxamide and introducing different electron-withdrawing substituents at position 4 and 5 of the indole nucleus, and were inhibitors to Coxsackie B4 virus at low micromolar concentrations. Expand
Computational and Experimental Studies on β-Sheet Breakers Targeting Aβ1–40 Fibrils
It is shown that molecular dynamics simulations and far UV circular dichroism provide consistent evidence that the new Ac-LPFFN-NH2 β-sheet breaker is more effective than the other two in stabilizing the native α-helix structure of Aβ1–40. Expand
Synthesis and activity of endomorphin-2 and morphiceptin analogues with proline surrogates in position 2.
A series of novel EM2 and morphiceptin analogues containing in place of the proline at position 2 the S and R residues of beta-homologues of proline and 2-pyrrolidinemethanesulphonic acid have been synthesized and their binding affinity and functional activity have been investigated. Expand
Human alpha-thrombin inhibition by the highly selective compounds N-ethoxycarbonyl-D-Phe-Pro-alpha-azaLys p-nitrophenyl ester and N-carbobenzoxy-Pro-alpha-azaLys p-nitrophenyl ester: a kinetic,
These results are consistent with the minimum four-step catalytic mechanism for product inhibition of serine proteinases, which displays a sub-micromolar affinity for thrombin together with a high selectivity versus homologous plasmatic and pancreatic serineproteinases acting on cationic substrates. Expand
Neuroprotective Effect of Brassica oleracea Sprouts Crude Juice in a Cellular Model of Alzheimer's Disease
The protective effect on SH-SY5Y cells treated with the fragment Aβ 25–35 by two crude juices of broccoli sprouts containing different amounts of phenolic compounds as a result of different growth conditions was analyzed. Expand
Synthesis and properties of d-glucosamine N-peptidyl derivatives as substrate analog inhibitors of papain and cathepsin B
Abstract N -peptidyl derivatives of d -glucosamine 7c–7n were synthesized and tested as reversible, substrate analog inhibitors of cysteine and serine-proteases. d -Glucosamine itself showed fairExpand
Self-assembly and drug release study of linear l,d-oligopeptide-poly(ethylene glycol) conjugates.
This study demonstrates that, by changing the length of the peptide, it is possible to modulate the self-assembly and loading properties of peptide-PEG conjugates. Expand
Fluorescence Anisotropy in the Frequency Domain by an Optical Microscope
The test of the dynamic response of the microscope is reported by comparing the lifetime and fluorescence polarization anisotropy decays obtained in cuvettes in a standard phase modulation fluorometer and on tiny drops on the microscope stage, and it is shown that once a correction factor for the objective depolarization is introduced in the best-fit functions for the data analysis of the decays, the results obtained are comparable. Expand