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Clues, Myths, and the Historical Method.
In the diversity of methods and objects of analysis it offers, Clues, Myths, and the Historical Method offers a fresh perspective on this Italian historian who has become such an essential point ofExpand
The Cheese and the Worms: The Cosmos of a Sixteenth Century Miller
The Cheese and the Worms is an incisive study of popular culture in the sixteenth century as seen through the eyes of one man, the miller known as Menocchio, who was accused of heresy during theExpand
Microhistory: Two or Three Things That I Know about It
The first person to dredge up the word microhistory as a self-defined term was an American scholar, George R. Stewart, in 1959. Microhistory accepts the limitations while exploring theirExpand
Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath
For centuries witches on trial admitted to taking part in gruesome "sabbaths" where they cast spells, worshipped a bestial devil, enacted obscenely blasphemous rites and even devoured corpses. ManyExpand
Latitude, Slaves, and the Bible: An Experiment in Microhistory
665 Different versions of this paper were delivered in Istanbul (see Carlo Ginzburg, “Kuresellesmeye Yerel Bir Yaklasim: Cografya, Koleler ve Incil,” in Tarih yaziminda yeni yaklasimlar: KurellesesmeExpand
Wooden Eyes: Nine Reflections on Distance
1. Making it Strange: The Prehistory of a Literary Device2. Myth: Distance and Deceit3. Representation: The Word, the Idea, the Thing4. Ecce: On the Scriptural Roots of Christian Devotional Imagery5.Expand
Killing a Chinese Mandarin: The Moral Implications of Distance
Justice and injustice have been defined in reference to laws and persons in two ways. Now there are two kinds of laws, particular and general. By particular laws I mean those established by eachExpand
Threads and Traces: True False Fictive
List of Illustrations Introduction 1. Description and Citation 2. The Conversion of the Jews of Minorca (A.D. 417 418) 3. Montaigne, Cannibals, and Grottoes 4. Proofs and Possibilities: Postscript toExpand